Aslı Kaftan

Young entrepreneur Aslıhan Özkaçak with the vision of being a leader in the sector
under the leadership. In our company established in 2007. customer
We always prioritize "satisfaction" and quality.
Using the best fabric materials for our bindallı and caftans.
Our original and completely hand-sewn designs are available for rent only.

We send it to all cities.

Our story

Night dresses with the name "Aslı Moda". our brand, which was established in Bursa with the production of wedding dresses, _abiye, bindallı, and then moved to Istanbul Ümraniye; When we started to concentrate on caftan design with our models that appeal to every segment, aimed at the dreams of every young girl, with the best embroidery, fabrics and designs that no one else has, we changed it to "Aslı Kaftan". We have always tried to keep our quality at the highest level in order to meet the expectations of our customers. We are always honored to serve you with our manager Murat Özkaçak and our designer Aslıhan

The original name was the reputation of the whole of Turkey Kaftan. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience over the years with our brand, which has become indispensable for henna nights.
YOU, our valued customers.

Nowadays, when we come with your tastes, we are not surprised by the quality.

We would like to thank you, our valued customers, who choose us.