The Orchid Henna Dress Model – 147


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The Ochid Henna Dress Model, brides escaping from classical colors prefer damson color at henna nights. Orchid  henna dress Model, which is specially sewn by Aslı Kaftan and Fashion House, is one of them. Indian motifs, consisting of gold, damson and silver colors, are embroidered in a curved way starting from the shoulder and up to the chest. These embroideries can also be found on the sleeves, belts and skirts. The most striking part of the Orchid Henna Dress Model is the handle with a flywheel design. Velvet fabric that ends at the elbow has been replaced by tulle fabric. This created a unique style for henna dress. The stones, which are used extensively in the crown and necklace, have given the henna dress elegance. Interlining and lining are available in henna dress.



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